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Maybe it manifests as an intense longing for something you can’t quite put your finger on. You feel something is slightly (or even majorly!) off, and it leaves you wishing, wanting, perhaps even praying for something MORE...

  • MORE significance, purpose, and impact with your time here on earth…

  • MORE involvement (without overwhelm), community, and compassion for yourself and others…

  • MORE answers, guidance, motivation, and inspiration…

  • MORE LOVE, laughter, prosperity, fulfillment, and JOY!

Is it sensuality you're missing out on? Could that  really be it?

The answers you seek can all be found here simply by taking the first step of getting acquainted with your beliefs around sensuality and understanding how you feel about it and if it is something that you could use in life as a christian woman.

Take The Quiz & Discover Your Personal Truth Around Sensuality

You'll instantly have access to your customized analysis of your current belief around sensuality and where you need to let go of some of the misconceptions around sensuality to achieve complete freedom within yourself and in your life.

This short quiz will only take 3-5 minutes. Please note that not all of the available answers will be applicable 100% to you. So, just choose the answer that matches closest to your feelings right now. More details coming soon!


What do you believe is the closest to what you believe Sensuality is for a woman?
How true does this statement feel to you:

"If I were considered a sensual christian woman, I would embrace every part of my sensuality with excitement & fervor; feeling empowered by who God made to be."

If I were to start feeling sensual in my everyday life (as a wife, mother, christian, business owner - if applicable) I would:

If I could use sensuality in my life I would love it if I could feel less:
If being sensual made me feel less overwhelmed, busy & tired, but I felt more energized and never felt guilty for slowing down & creating healthy boundaries to enjoy all that God has blessed me with that would be:
How does using your sensuality feel if you could let go of your current limitations you feel and develop your spirituality and desire capacity to begin living the life you always wanted but have thought it was out of reach or believed it wasn't 'for you'?

For the next 3 questions:

Thinking about the possibilities of becoming a sensual woman, True or False for you:

I can use sensuality as a wife to serve, respect, honor and be a helpmate to my husband while embracing all the pleasures of married life (his and mine without discomfort or feelings of 'duty').
Thinking about the possibilities of becoming a sensual woman, True or False for you:

I can use sensuality as a mother to nurture, care, teach and be a role-model to my children while embracing all the pleasures of motherhood (even the frustrating moments!).
Thinking about the possibilities of becoming a sensual woman, True or False for you:

I can use sensuality as an entrepreneur, worker, or home-business owner to serve, create income that is double, triple or 10x my current earrings, to inspire and give abundantly; all with integrity, without feeling sleazy or pushy towards others, but serving them in love.
If becoming a fully sensual christian woman helped you to gracefully get rid of what no longer serves you in life, but allowed the fullness of who you truly are (fearfully & wonderfully made), would that interest you?
Feminine Sensuality -- as a Christian Woman.


What does that look/feel/taste/sound/smell like?

Share your thoughts! Your feelings matter and here you can express them without judgement. Then when you are ready, please share your name and best email to get your sensual results!

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What are your thoughts about your results? Leave a comment below! Let me know what was right on, or may have been “off” for you so I can tailor this quiz more accurately. Your feedback is golden, just like your heart!! ^_^

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