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Women and men feel, experience and cope with pain differently; just like individuals. My attention is on the beautiful business woman who knows she is more than just surviving the pain.


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A considerable amount, according to Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist that specializes in trauma-induced depression.

She states, “Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues.” Also,“Physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done.” (Psychology Today)

So what does the chronic pain one feels say about his or her emotional state?
Let’s take a look!



headache-388870_640Headaches and/or migraines can be brought on by the stress of just living life. If you get chronic headaches, occuring more than 2x/week, it’s time you take time for yourself. Not just once in a while, but everyday. Relieving the body of stress may considerable help to ease your head pain. If this doesn’t come easy for you, it’s more of the emotional obligations that are hindering you from taking care of you.


You may not believe this, but neck pain does not mean kids are driving one crazy (though that neck-1211231_640is a reasonable excuse!). Having pain in the neck indicates your need to forgive. It may be forgiveness of another person or perhaps it’s the forgiveness of one’s self that is causing your pain.Try to think about about the things you love about yourself and those around you to fight this pain in your neck.


sad-505857_640Shoulder pain is a sign that you may be holding onto a heavy emotional burden. Basically, you are shouldering everything (and not letting it go – possible grudges). You can try to come up with ways to overcome this emotional problem or better yet, share the load with trusted friends or family; hopefully ones that will listen rather than “solve the problem”. This type of pain stems from release rather than a solution.


If you feel that you aren’t being heard or cannot ‘release’ your true feelings to those around you, please mention this in the survey! it’s vitally important to address all the needs of even just ONE person’s pain. GO HERE

Upper Back

If you feel a lack of emotional support, it can manifest in your upper back. Maybe you don’t back1feel appreciated, worthy or considered. Perhaps you are holding back your own feelings of affection. If you are in a relationship, consider having a discussion about your feelings. If you are single, reach out to trusted friends or family. Again, rely on those who are able to listen, instead of trying to solve how you feel. A good program or coach first listens to you and then, only if you want it and ask, helps you come up with the solution.

Lower Back

Lower back pain may indicate you have some financial concerns or worries. How do you think you could manage money better? Do you think you could benefit from learning some new skills with budgeting and paying off any debt? Could you feel the opposite? You have enough money, but you’re not comfortable spending it “freely”? If you have a spouse and you feel as though you cannot talk finances in a safe environment (minimal arguments over money), consider having a third party involved who is neutral that can assist in your financial communication.


arm-312020_640Not a common area for pain, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Your arm and elbow pain may mean a lack of flexibility in your life. Maybe you’re resisting the natural (or even unnatural) changes that are occurring in your life (new baby, new marriage, loss of a loved one, unhealthy boundaries with friends/family, physical limitations/injury tied to a an emotional past). It’s okay to explore the new possibilities and adjustments. Avoiding or fighting the change only brings the possibility of chronic pain versus pain relief.


massage-389717_640Do you try to do everything on your own? Don’t like to ask for help? If you find yourself having a lack of friends or difficultly reaching out, it may cause pain in your hands. Try making new friends or going to lunch with work associates; or better yet, those you truly care about and letting them know how you could use help. Accept the small helps from people when they offer. Not all offers are meant to signify an obligation to return the favor.


gloomy-1215256_640A fear of moving, changes in your life and waiting to make a big decision could all cause pain in your hips. This is scary and one that isn’t an easy move to make, especially if change in the past hurt you in some way.



You are not alone if you feel this way. You are most comfortable and at ease in your comfort zone of a routine in your life. Even if you have what some may see as a “chaotic” routine, it’s comfort to you, as you know what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done. When there’s a wrench thrown in there, it’s hard to adjust, right? Please note this in the survey and what really seems to flare up your frustrations with change. GO HERE


Knee pain isn’t just because of a football injury. It may actually mean that you think very highlyjeans-828693_640 of yourself. That could be good or bad. How do you spend your free time? Are you helping others, or serving yourself and  your needs? No one is free of imperfections, and that is completely okay and acceptable.


calvesThis is where emotional tension, stress or jealousy may cause your calf pain. It may be time to free any big stressors in your life or find out what may behind any feelings of jealousy.


Ankle pain could be because you need more pleasure in your life. Pleasure is more than foot-310736_640intimacy, (see my quiz here to find out more about pleasure in your senses) it’s finding gratitude and love in the things and people around you. It’s okay and perfectly acceptable to take some time and pamper yourself (a walk with no smart phone, a nap, a peaceful drive to your favorite place of comfort) or spice up your love life – a natural way to relieve pain.


massage-272845_640Depression and feelings of unknown sadness can be the source of your foot pain. Deep sadness is hard to overcome, but there are some things you can do to reverse those unproductive feelings. What are your favorite pastimes of yours? Indulge in something that gives you joy without regret!



I hope you’ve gotten some value out of exploring the “why” behind your pain. Sometimes knowing someone understands a bit of what you are going through is a relief. Family members and friends try to comfort you, but after awhile, they just don’t understand. They can’t relate and they are at odds on how to really be there for you.

Here, you are safe and in a place of understanding. That is why the survey is so important! If you haven’t already, go now, and take the survey and thank you for being a co-author to the program: A Pain-FREE Life For the Next Feminine Leader & Conquerer!!  — That’s going to be YOU!

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