About Getting The Skinny…

I’m A Renaissance Woman, & you probably are too

I’m Andi, a blissful wife, mother of 10, & businesswoman -and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I (and you) are capable of!

My lifestyle online blog is all about eradicating the 1-niche business focus that says you have to be all or nothing to “make it” and to truly succeed (like 6 figures).


I am a multi-talented woman and there’s no way I will continue to hold back my gifts. My husband calls me the Renaissance Woman.

Renaissance: a revival of or renewed interest in something

I’m renewing ME.

I’m interested in ME and how I truly thrive. I’m a tech-nerd at heart, a kickass coach for relationships, a Zen-mother of 10 human beings, and a holistic fitness guru that is pickier than a 2-year old.

Oh. And I do that photography thang too.

Stop listening to 1-niche only gurus if that is NOT your path and calling. Listen to your heart and renew your mind to be authentic and true.

 … And it wouldn’t hurt if how we did this was a wee bit easier. 

That’s why I’ll share everything I know on Get The Skinny.

Cuz I know A. Lot.

My Why?

Motherhood is not easy. Building a business is not easy. Now, combine those two…some may say IMPOSSIBLE. Well, if you take a closer look, you are in the exact position that says: I’M POSSIBLE. You. Are. Possible.

1 Niche business, fine, 2 areas of expertise, cool. Introverted to the max— haaaayyy girl! I got you!

What’s In It For You

Hope, inspiration, and a chick who is a whiz behind the computer, along with others who understand you. Keep validating yourself and your journey with me! Please like my Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram.

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