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Hey, Superstar! Thanks for your interest in sharing your brilliant obsessions with us! 

Get The Skinny On Everything is an online lifestyle blog for moms who don’t mind experiencing a little bit of everything. I am mad-crazy-in-love with lifestyle tips, how-to’s, time hacks, more wine, fewer stress services & products, healthy families, and of course, diss’n the 1-niche business model – especially for multi-talented women who happen to be introverts.

I LOVE value-driven, one-of-a-kind blog posts*  (no copies from other sites) that helps business moms across the board… especially when we have more kids than the average American family. 

  • Large family hacks
  • Business-building tips with kids
  • Personal Accomplishments for inspiration
  • Editorial & Value-packed content
  • UNIQUE – Parenting tips
  • MIND-BLOWING Self-care & self-improvement tips for mom and kids
  • YOUR brilliant OCD habits that make you a bad@ss business mom

Be bold and share your ideas for me to consider, especially trending, must-know topics! I may not approve of every idea and that’s okay.

I’ll be honored to provide you with:

  • Your value-packed promotions on all our social media platforms
  • Back-links from Get The Skinny On Everything 
  • Fresh eyeballs on your content
  • A community of moms in business with large families who want to know what you know
  • Approved affiliate links within your post


All of your posts should be 800 – 2000+ words that contain:

  • How-to, hacks, freebies, or listicles, with beautiful pictures (I can provide them if you don’t take your own)
  • Subheadings (H1 – H3) are a MUST
  • No non-approved affiliate links (linking to your site is acceptable with approval). 

YOU Want in?

Whoo hoo! Email me Here. Contact(AT)GetTheSkinnyOnEverything(dot)com ?? to send me your, how-to-make-our-life{styles}-easy ideas and we’ll go from there.  

?What is your next step?

You’ll be notified when your article is approved and ready for our audience to see. Please do not be shy and keep your article here, share the links to your audience as well to build up your own social proof as a brilliant expert in your field (and brag to your kiddos!). Backlinks to your site are included.

We share your article to ALL of our social media platforms several times to showcase your brilliance and continue our mission to make this mom-biz gig life{style} easier!

Do remember, I ONLY want one-of-a-kind value-packed content. This means… please do not copy/paste your content from your site to this one. Search engines do not like to be confused, so let’s not do that. 

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Share Your Brilliance With Us! We want the skinny on what you know!

Thank you, fellow Renaissance Woman!

~Coach Andi (mother of 11 & so much more)

*Guest Posts publish within 45-120 days.