Just B.E.E.S. – A Skinny Life{Style}

How do you do it??

  • I AM the Queen of my Hive {household}

  • I AM in control of my circumstances

  • I AM going to allow myself a break

  • I AM going to let go of stress and anger

  • I AM in charge.

  • So… I JUST…

B.E.E.S. – Everyday

Avoiding the sting of doubt in my life.

queen-bee-Just Bees
Be the King or Queen of your Hive

Let me explain further…

There are times I am out with my family/children running errands, shopping, at church and the like. The most common response I get to my situation (the 8 – almost 9 children, being thin and petite ,looking like my oldest child’s sister – and even sometimes my husband’s daughter!) is How do you do it? Stay so skinny, look like a teenager and not lose your sanity with so many kids??”

Just Bees, baby. Just Bees. Literally. So, let’s break it down to what that really means and how I do this crazy life of mine that is awesomely-amazing BTW.

– Breathe.

E – Enjoy Food.

E – Enjoy Sex (with your spouse).

S – Smile: A lot.

– Breathe.

Breathe into your body

When was the last time you really took a deep breath and breathed life into your lungs? Our culture is so fast-paced that we start to naturally breathe shallowly. When moments get really tense and stressed, there may be a few breaths that you consciously take, but you should do a lot more than that…and not just during your stressful moments. Breathe. Breathe when you wake up. Breathe while you sip on your coffee/tea/lemon-water. Breathe when you are on a bathroom break. Oxygenate your body to not only give yourself the literal breath of life, but to cleanse you, rejuvenate you, de-stress & help clear your head (remember, your brain suffers when the oxygen levels are less than optimal due to shallow breathing). To breathe properly, make sure your stomach distends outwards, not just your upper chest. This is to ensure the bottom of your lungs are being filled with air, not just the upper 2/3rd.



E – Enjoy Food.

Just enjoy it!

Are you on a diet, trying to lose weight, eat “healthier”, restrict calories, gluten-free, diary free, organic only, processed-quick-and-easy, all natural, vegan, vegetarian, fat-free, pork free, sugar-free, liquid only, all of the above, or none of the above? Great, good for you (and yes, I really mean that). ENJOY YOUR FOOD! Whatever your eating habits, enjoy it. If you don’t, change it. Nothing puts a damper on your life (on how you feel) than restrictions, especially with food. Those restrictions can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, failure and added stress if you “mess up”. Who wants that? I don’t, so I enjoy what I eat, no matter what I eat. It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for real, local, pastured foods and found-in-nature fats. However, that may not be your forte. And that’s OKAY. I eat out and I even eat wonderful doughnuts provided for me from a local doughnut shop (deliciousness at it’s core) at my networking meetings…and I enjoy it!! The point is…enjoy whatever food-cusine season or lifestyle you are in; no regrets, doubts or punishing yourself for enjoying it. 

Maybe you are having some difficulty accepting your doubts and then letting them go. I understand, I used to feel the same way. Then I realized that I can’t change the past, but I can life in the present and set my course for the future. Of course…that may be easier said than done. It’s not like you just forget that you got stung (maybe many times over) and you still feel the pain and swelling of your circumstances. Check out my podcast for some real life tips to overcome these doubts.

E – Enjoy Sex (With Your Spouse*).

Enjoy your spouse!

What a better way to alleviate stress, relieve anxiety, connect lovingly with your spouse AND get a workout all at the same time! You’ll also release feel good hormones that naturally boosts your immune system and helps to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Um, yes please! Now, I’m a married Christian woman so yeah, I advocate intimacy in a marriage only. If you have other beliefs, then that is your prerogative. 

However, maybe you’re not married…that’s all right, hence the “*” above. Here are my alternatives that still promote feel good feelings, de-stressing, and nourishing the body and soul. Enjoy Zumba(R) Fitness. Yes, many many women (and men) testify to the effectiveness, exhilaration and healthful benefits of this popular exercise. Though it’s not my favorite way to exercise (I prefer HIIT – high intensity interval training), it is my go to source for fun and leaving any cares behind me, allowing the good hormones to course through my body, regulating my body systems to work optimally to my advantage.

Okay okay, so you actually may not be a Zumba(R) Fitness fan, I don’t understand that, but okay. So, here’s your alternative: Enjoy Yoga. Come on, most people can do 10 minutes of yoga 1-2x/week. That’s not asking a lot. This again invokes feelings of calmness, breathing deeply, de-stressing, lengthening and stretching your body, providing strength for your heart and it’s a wonderful relaxation technique. Your goal is to thoroughly enjoy your married rights to intimacy and pleasure or otherwise, expend your energies in a fun-filled class with like-minded individuals or on your own in the quietness of yoga class or at home with YouTube(R). 

S – Smile: A Lot.

You’re smile is beautiful!

Do you realize how uplifting your smile is? If you don’t believe me, next time you meet someone’s gaze, give them a big, loving smile and watch their reaction. I bet 9 times out of 10 they will smile back, continuing to think about your face and that smile which, for a moment, took them from their agenda and gave them a moment of pleasure. And you were that source of pleasure! So, smile! 

According to the Huffington Post smiles, improve your mood (even fake ones), reduces stress, helps your mind to move more towards positive thinking patterns, release tension (in the body on a cellular level), and makes you more creative. That’s one way to help you keep your brain on track for what you were thinking (you know, those moments you walk into a room and you don’t know why). Faking a smile works…I’ve done it and I’ll admit, it literally only took a few seconds for it to become genuine.

 What sting of doubt is troubling your life right now?

You CAN do what I do, however, that’s not who you were meant to be! You were meant to be YOU!! Hence, I can help you uncover why you may feel like you can’t. You’re a capable, lovable, awesome human-being, don’t let those stinging lies control and dictate your quality of life. Yes, I said Quality of Life. That’s what doubt truly affects, it’s not your job, parenting, financial situation or your marriage. Those are just symptoms of having the doubt to do what you need/want to do to make all of those areas ideal and most pleasurable. 

That’s how I do it. I smile about it, enjoy life around me and make the best out of the situation, even if it’s not ideal. I assume there’s wisdom to be gained from it!

How do YOU do it? How do you handle any doubt that creeps into your life, telling you that you “can’t”? Share your thoughts below!

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