Staying Skinny In A Fat World

Staying Skinny In A Fat World

hate being referred to as “skinny”. But in this day and age where over 2/3rd’s of the US population is overweight… I’m outnumbered. You’re either “labeled” as fat or skinny.

…unless you are a man. Then there’s the option of built or In shape. 

However, the terminology is not the issue… it’s why I am (and my family) are part of the 1/3 while so many struggle and fight with their weight? 

Despite multiple pregnancies and the stress of life itself… I’m still “skinny” according to the world.

So how do I do it??

The Low-Fat Craze:

Never tickled my fancy to join in. low fat salad

With the advent of “no fat/low fat” for health, vitality, and the promise of skinny jeans since the late 1950’s, it definitely seemed logical. Plus, the government said it would prevent the dreaded heart disease epidemic that began to plague our nation.

Well, fast forward lots of years later; heart disease still sucks – taking lives every day – and the nation is suffering greatly – no vitality, little health to boast about and skinny jeans are on the wish list and New Year’s resolution board (yet again).

So…. that didn’t work. 

Eat More Fiber:

Whole grain bread and supplements – Got Bloat?


So now that there are gut problems, the next recommendation has been to load up on whole grains for proper elimination and colon health.

Hmmmmm, funny, not sure if that works either.

True Story: 

I honestly believed that meats were the cause of some of my uhmp… bathroom difficulties = constipation. I had read and heard lots of testimonials about meat compacted in the colon and how red meat was the devil in your intestines. Causing not only constipation but also colon cancer, gut flora imbalances and…heart disease.

However, I loved my meat! We had just bought some grass-fed beef in Germany and I wanted that prime rib roast for dinner.


I didn’t have any of the recommended fiber, via bread, to go along with dinner. Just this juicy perfection of roasted meat and herbs with buttered broccoli. I completely expected to be miserable the next day, trying to “go”…but I was thinking…it is worth it!!! 

Next day…

Potty break one: Easy.

Potty break two: Easy-peasy…again.

What the….?

Potty break… three?!?! Easy and healthy looking (hey you know you look too!)


It wasn’t the meat causing the elimination problems that I have experienced since I was a child. I ate bread nearly every day – switching to organic, whole grains as we moved away from white processed bread; but the occasional constipation continued. It wasn’t a major problem that affected me every day, but it was bothersome when it did.

After that epic dinner, I tested this “meat is bad and causes intestinal problems” theory…

I ate bread and vegetables that day, no meat.

Next day… Bathroom problems.

The day after that… meat and vegetables and no bread. – Easy bathroom visits.


So, I did some digging. I took a deeper look into more studies, other ancient truths exposed, about clean meat, traditional eating and how many traditional cultures didn’t eat so much processed grains and supplements. I never took fiber supplements regularly, but when I did, it didn’t do much but cause some bloating, pain and unproductive bowel movements.

Since eliminating over 90% of organic whole grains, and processed wheat products (including cereals), incorporating instead pastured meats, fats and vegetables, raw dairy (full-fat mind you), and soured (fermented) grain products, my digestion has been stellar – and that of my family!

So… that recommendation of 6-12 servings a day of whole grains for optimal health and weight management… nope – didn’t work.

What does work with the recommended whole grains improperly processed: 

Insulin resistance, bloating, IBS, constipation, leaky gut, increased allergens, gut flora imbalance, compromised immune system, increased obesity, type II diabetes and… geez, do I need to go on? Oh, uncontrollable cravings because of the gut imbalance and spiked blood sugar levels every other hour… and mood swings. Thanks, USDA.

Limit Saturated Fats & Red Meat

And Get Rid of Flavor??


And you wonder why fat-free or low-fat foods are loaded with chemical additives and sugars to enhance the flavor. Fat = flavor and satisfaction.


Since the recommendations to limit fat and red meat, we’ve been trying to make up for it by adding in chemical flavoring, colors and processed salts void of minerals and vitamins. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to eat the food as is? Just eat the egg. Just cook the steak and its beautiful marbling, and just enjoy the savory smoothness of the butter on your vegetables.

Imagine, feeling fulfilled, satisfied and full of energy after a meal. For decades, that’s how I ate. I didn’t want to feel deprived of the goodness the food originally has by eating “healthy low-fat products”.

It didn’t taste good.

It tasted fake and I didn’t want that. So, I figured I’d die happy and satisfied with my pound of buttery garlic mashed potatoes and steak. Yes… I used a pound of butter in my mashed potatoes. And salt. Lots of sea salt.

Again… that bland processed stuff (claiming to have iodine – which you can get from egg yolks) didn’t taste good.

Pssst… I’m still alive – and thriving. 

As a matter of fact, here’s how my rebellion has paid me back:

    • Youthfulness
    • Healthy Skin
    • Healthy Hair
    • Abundant Fertility
    • Easy Births
    • Easy Menstrual Cycles
    • Slim Body
    • Healthy Blood Panel
    • Energy
    • Emotionally Stable Moods
    • A Love For Life
    • No Brain Fog
    • Impeccable Gut Health
  • Happy

Conclusion: Slimming It In A Fat World

Be Happy.

You are in control of your well-being. You may have the advice and good intentions of a medical professional, but let’s face it… they really don’t know unless they have done their own research and education (Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Hyman). The medical industry isn’t giving it to them in medical school. They are pretty much repeating the recommendations given, treat the disease you have – and maintain the level of health/disease you are at currently.

If you aren’t getting better and more vibrant on the current dietary recommendations… doing that some more isn’t going to make you slimmer or feel any better. 

Change. It’s not the Boogy-Man, so fear not.

I’ve conversed with many clients who have claimed that they get no improvement from medical doctors on their conditions – just a maintenance fee.

Use the knowledge you’ve gained and apply wisdom to it. It doesn’t have to make sense to everyone else for it to work for you! I was shunned and people amazed at how we eat and now, they are either dead or switching it up!

I’ve compiled an easy list of 5 foods that are fat-burning delicious! Get your copy here, no opt-in required!


What slimming struggles are you dealing with and what do you think needs to change? 


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