50 Different Ways To Increase Your Emotional Connection with Your Spouse


Ever feel like you and your spouse are a universe apart in your own bedroom? You’re speaking English and all of a sudden he’s speaking Mandarin and expecting you to just ‘get it’ and continue on with all of his expectations taken care of. ?

Everyday you have a chance to take a moment, a whisper in time to make an emotional connection with your Love. By having an arsenal of choices to choose from, call it your “must-have” emotional-love buffet, here it is! Now, it’s about which one and how well does your spouse respond.

  • Play or sing their favorite song for them.
  • Hold their hand while falling asleep.
  • Drape a leg over theirs in bed or while sitting on the couch.
  • Offer to do them a favor that day.
  • Ask them for a intimate favor.
  • Go on a favorite date you had before you were married.
  • Send a love note with them to work.
  • Kiss their ears.
  • Play with their hair.
  • Gently caress their neck and shoulders or a gentle massage.
  • Tell them a joke you heard recently.
  • Praise them on your Facebook® or social media page.
  • Give them a compliment on a facial feature. Ie. Nice smile, their eyes, etc.
  • Play strip poker and lose on purpose.
  • Tell your spouse 2 things that you really appreciate about them.
  • Ask to spoon/hold them in bed.
  • List Tell them “I love you” today.
  • Tell them “I love you” by writing a love note.
  • List Kiss them unexpectedly while they are relaxed.
  • Feed them some fruit by your hand.
  • Ask them to tell you about a dream they have.
  • Hug them first thing in the morning.
  • Stand and greet them with a huge smile as soon as they get home.
  • Hold the door open for them.
  • Compliment them on their smile.

There’s your first 25 Emotional Connection activities! Continue below for the next 25.

  • Let them choose a movie for a date night.
  • Eat a meal together – their choice and light a candle.
  • Share a beverage together, two straws, one drink.
  • Do something flirtatious.
  • Lock eyes with your spouse and hold their gaze, loving them with your eyes.
  • Take a shower together, soaping each other up.
  • Share an interesting topic that you heard about.
  • Share a moment that you are sorry about and apologize to them.
  • Tell your spouse what you know is true about them and how that inspires you.
  • Share a funny moment from your wedding day.
  • Put on some music and start dancing close.
  • Tell your spouse to share something with you that concerns them and listen only (no talking on your part).
  • Surprise your spouse with a gift at their work (or a surprise lunch date) or at home.
  • Initiate an intimate moment that you haven’t done recently.
  • Play a card game together while reminiscing about your favorite childhood games.
  • Share a scary moment you had as a child that turned out to be hilarious.
  • Ask your spouse for help on a challenge that you only trust them to help you on.
  • Hold hands in public.
  • Kiss your spouse in public.
  • Make a public announcement about your admiration for your mate.
  • Sleep naked.
  • Take your mate’s side when they are having a conflict with someone.
  • Brag about your mate to someone in front of them.
  • Tell and show your mate how to touch you intimately.
  • Ask them how their day was and listen to their response with interest and love.

50 insanely easy ways to increase a deeper level of emotional connection AND connectedness with your spouse! Did you know, that most of these activities are also intimately powerful enough to get you to a whole new level of “wow… not only are we connecting, but our communication is so … much BETTER!

Communication may be the #1 reason why couples feel distant, alone, unloved, disrespected, and unwilling to completely be vulnerable and honest with their spouse. If you don’t feel safe talking with your spouse about intimate details of how you feel – take these tips to heart and open up to reconnecting once again.

Emotional connection isn’t something you buy at the door or nag at your spouse to miraculously “figure it out”. I’ve tried… it doesn’t work. So try this instead:

Avoid the use of “ALWAYS”, “NEVER”, “YOU MADE ME”, “YOU ARE”, and “I/YOU CAN’T”.

Coach Andi

Take it just one emotional connection activity at a time and don’t beat yourself up for it if it seems awkward or forced. Plan a date (at home), no kids, and for 10 minutes, intentionally have a conversation (that isn’t too serious) and begin to connect with one another.

The more you avoid the emotional connection the harder it will become to communicate and way too easy to avoid conflict. Don’t. Let. This. Happen!

Now go… choose just ONE this week and come back here and comment below how it went.

Is there anything else you would add to this list?

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