10 Birth Stories: The Best & Unique Round Up Of Multiple Births

10 Birth Stories: The Best &  Unique Round Up Of Multiple Births

Nearly all birth stories can be labeled as miraculous, painful, exciting, scary, inspiring, and, of course, unique. I have found that even though I have 10 amazing children myself, they have all been single births. No twins, triplets, or quadruplets… notta. Ten single pregnancy births. I’ve always been fascinated with multiple births since I have not experienced one of my own. So, here’s the next best thing! The most unique round up of twin, triplet, and quadruplet birth stories all in one place! Enjoy and I dare you NOT to smile throughout the whole article!

Twin Birth Stories That Will Captivate Your Heart


A totally surreal moment for mom-to-be of twin boys when she knew she was having twins…and boys at that! With all her original birth plans totally tossed in the air like a whirlwind of fall leaves, Morgan quickly shifted and replanned, and bossed her first twin pregnancy and birth. Even though you hear of many birth stories going awry and not according to plan, I love how Morgan makes her twin birth her very own.

I love how she choose the hynobirthing method to prepare herself mentally, emotionally, and physically to deliver her twin boys into the world. She same on board with her midwife and OBGYN with a solid birth plan:

  1. These babies come out of my vagina
  2. No epidural or other medication that isn’t necessary for medical reasons
  3. Delayed cord clamping
  4. Skin to skin and breastfeeding for the first hour (at least)

Yeah. Boss, that ?!

You’ve probably heard of many a birth stories where the mom feels bullied, pressured, and coerced into a situation that completely annihilates her original requests. I’m so pleased to read how Morgan doesn’t let that happen AND those involved didn’t overstep her boundaries.

The toughest decision I had to make during the pregnancy was whether or not to induce.

Morgan B.

Even though her birth experience didn’t go precisely as planned… she’s crazy happy with herself and her newfound twin boys! Birth stories are incredibly captivating… let’s read on!

This Mama Prays

Imagine being out of your own home country to give birth to your twin daughters. That is exactly what happened, one of the birth stories where I’d be scared as sh**t not being ‘home’. But this mama, Annabella, kicked ass and took names and shares her real life C-section birth with us on GTS.

After talking with my husband we decided that a c-section would be the best option for the girls and myself.

Even though this wasn’t the birth story Annabella had planned, it was one that she was dealt with and ultimately, she wouldn’t want it any other way. So, off she goes, waddling into L&D at the crack of dawn for a schedule C-section at 8 AM. I can relate to her discomfort, trying to maneuver your body into places and positions your growing belly just isn’t letting you get into. It’s rather frusttrating I think as the nurses and doctors tell you to not only hold still, but to push out your back more, curl over your belly and push out your back.

Goodness gracious, peoples! SMH….

After Annabella got numbed up and the dead weight took over her lower body from the spinal block, it was time to bring her precious babies into the open world and out of the cocoon womb they shared.

Annabella’s husband was right by her side as the doctor birthed Baby A – lungs completely in working order and shortly thereafter, Baby B who didn’t think it was just a fuss to leave her womb apartment. Though it took waay longer than she liked, the doctor eventually came back, after sending the babies to NICU, that they had to be ventilated and a feeding tube placed. Born at just 30 weeks gestation, it’s not exactly what you want to hear.

8 long nights in the NICU and a recovery vastly different than her previous singleton births, Annabella and her husband finally get to take their baby girls home. Keep reading to get the full details of Annabella’s real-life twin c-section birth!

Maman Loup’s Den

Imagine if one of your birth stories started out on day 1 postpartum? That’s exactly what happened with Lindsay, mom blogger at Maman Loup’s Den. After two false labor surges… it was time to give birth to her babies at 36 weeks and 3 days gestation.

“I’d love to deliver your twins tonight.”

OB Dr. W.

Lindsay had found her labor and delivery doctor soulmate as she munches on pizza her hubby had brought from home since she hadn’t eaten earlier that day. Yup, you heard that right, one of our birth stories is about a mom in labor EATING during her birth! I love this already!

Her body was hard at work for most of the day prior to going to L&D. Suffice it to say, being dilated at only 4cm seemed pretty pathetic! Those contractions were created with intentions after all! So, what better way to move things along than stripping the membranes – and so it was done.

Who knew giving birth to twins would be the easiest of my three labours?!


An epidural and just a handful of pushing, Lindsay delivered healthy twin boys with delayed clamping of the cord. Keep reading to find out when she got to hold them, before or after the NICO?


If you thought twin birth stories were amazing… Oh, my babies! The faithfulness of this family is astounding. From finding out they were having FOUR babies (no treatments) right up until BIRTHday, Jen is an amazing woman with a marvelous birth story of quadruplets that is set up in 6 parts.

Her birth story begins with a list of I wish I had…before her babies were born. I know I have thought about doing things differently, especially if I may never have an opportunity to hold life in my body again. Her short but heartfelt list may give you some ideas on what you would like to do before you bring forth life into this world to remember what your amazing body is capable of!

Unlike traditional vaginal births, Jen was prepared for surgery due to preeclampsia. Her body was straining to develop the four tiny lives and to give them a chance to live in this world. Wow.

Surgery started around noon baby boy #1 arrived right around 12:33 PM after some pulling and tugging (but no pain) and some pressure. Off he went to make sure he was breathing and mom got to see him quick and hear his first sounds of life before going off to the NICO.

You were all ALIVE and breathing your first breaths of life, which was nothing short of miraculous.

Jen (Mom)

All together four precious baby boys weighed in at just over 13 pounds! Though mom was pretty out of it after the birth of her miraculous babies…they still needed to get her blood pressure under control. We know there’s a happy ending, but it wasn’t happy at first. Continue reading how Jen’s birth story wasn’t as easy as the average birth of multiples.

Sweet Phi

Talk about un-planning! This sweet Mama, Phi, not only had twins, a boy and a girl, but they share the same birthday as their older sibling! This mom has 3 children and one birthday (talk about easy!)! LOL

The doctors kept commenting on how big they were for twins!

Though Phi had hoped for a similar birth experience she shared with her first baby, it didn’t quite go down like that. These two babies decided they were in it together and wanted to remain head up for the duration of their womb-stay. So, c-section it is!

Despite not have the birthing hormones that give most moms that maternal bond, one look at her children was enough for Phi. She was smitten in love with those squishy-fat babies (yes, healthy fat twin babes).

They have yet to meet their birth-mate brother, keep reading to see what he thinks of not one, but two baby siblings!

Katie Lamb

Mustard Seed Photography

Not all twin births go according to plan – that we know, but what about those high-risk pregnancies from the start? The ones that have pre-term labor scares? The ones that put you on mandatory bedrest? The ones that begin with your water breaking and your husband is over an hour away? This is ones of those birth stories that have a happy ending (thank you Lord!), but dang, it was a bit scary.

 I’ll be fine! Nothing’s going to happen!

And off the hubby went to visit a friend over an hour away not knowing his wife would be left alone after having a whirlwind of preterm labor scares and ordered to strict bedrest to keep those babies brewing as long as possible. With this being Katie’s first pregnancy, 7 hours of labor was not fun – it pretty much “hurt like crazy!”

Mustard Seed Photography

Though Katie had given birth to her first baby girl, the boy decided he didn’t want to stay in position for a vaginal birth. The scary part is, even though an epidural was in place, it was not killing the nerve endings and giving her body that dead-weight feeling we have felt before. Nope…Katie felt every single thing. Just before passing out in shock she thought…

…neither my husband nor I would see my baby boy enter this world.

After waking up in horrendous pain and waiting for the morphine angels to visit her aching body… Katie learned that baby boy was born, but not doing too well. Keep reading, because this is truly a birth story with a beautiful happy ending!

More Than TWO Birth Stories

The Klopp Quads

Identical triplet girls and a little fighter were born to Martha on December 9, 2009. Her bittersweet story of a spontaneous conception and birth reminds us all how precious babies are. Whether you have a singleton or octuplets, babies are gifts from God, no doubt.

These tiny babies started out early in life, a lot sooner than babies ought to start at just 27 weeks and 1 day gestation. Martha woke up to water just rushing out of her body to find out that one of the four babies’ water had broke. Though they had hoped the contractions that started soon after would cease… she was only dilating more – she was going into full-blown labor.

This is so surreal…I can’t believe I’m delivering today.


Three baby girls, all weighing under 2 pounds were born first. Big baby boy was born last at 2.5 pounds. Sadly, a complication, a brain bleed, starting in baby boy and though he was stable for a few days, God thought it was best to come home sooner than later. Baby boy graced his parents lives with only 10 short days.

The three sisters have a heavenly younger brother who shared a womb-room with them for just over 6 months. Lord willing, they’ll spend eternity together one day! The complete birth story, in remembrance of baby boy, James Daniel, continues here.

See Three Birth Stories

Glory in Her Midst


If you want details and pictures of a triplets’ birth… look no further than Casey’s Glory in Her Midst birth story! After a routine check up, Casey was about to meet her three babies and she was definitely ready! Mom was surrounded by family, helpful hospital staff, and an ocean of love from all of the positive vibes in the room. After you see all the photos of support, you’ll know exactly what I mean (15 people in the room)!

After family prayer, Casey was ready to birth her babies in the operating room. Not only was her family there for support, her sister, who works in labor and delivery, was by her side every step of the way.


I will never forget the look on his face when he first saw her. 


Baby girl #1 is born! Weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, dad sees his first daughter for the first time. Following her, just literally 2 minutes later, is her younger sister, weighing in at 5 pounds 11 ounces. And last but certainly not least, Mom and Dad welcome their baby boy, 4 pounds and 7 ounces, his cries of life harmonic to mom’s ears. Mom had just given birth to 3 little lives with the overwhelming support of her family, husband, and sister close to her side; not too mention the amazing hospital staff who were there to ensure all three babies got the oxygen and care they needed after leaving their womb.

One of the most peaceful birth stories of love and support I’ve come across yet. The profound quiet that quickly followed Casey’s birth of all three babes is truly a moment of reflection. It’s her fairy tale, times three for a new mom who came to be.

Julia Sadler

Be careful, you just may end up for what you ask for. Personally, I think praying for multiples is underprayed. Had my husband and I been faithful to pray with one another and to openly bring our prayer petitions to God, we may have so much more (in blessings). As it stands, I believe He still answered our silent prayers, that left unsaid, and blessed us with 10 singletons. But man, this triplet story! ?

I don’t want to scare you, but… there are three gestational sacs.

sonogram specialist

Julia’s faith is clearly felt in her passionate birth story from conception to birth. Every miracle that God choose to bestow upon her family, whether it came through IVF or natural means, is still a miracle. Who do you think gave doctors and specialists their abilities?

Sherwin Full House

Ok ok okay… talk about a double and then a triple blessing! This blessed mama had triplets after having twins! Despite the doctors telling her they wouldn’t survive to 13 weeks and then again she wouldn’t make it to 30 weeks, she gave brith to 3 healthy babies at a scheduled 35 week c-section. Don’t you just love it when life trumps the news of death!?

I knew that I would soon see the three sweet little faces that I had been longing to kiss.

With a bit of a scare of technical difficulties with the monitoring systems, the babies were all born rather quickly and whisked away to separate rooms. No snuggles, or kisses. Just a glimpse of a baby rapidly struggling to breathe all on his own. Once Nadia was off the operating table, the recovery was too painful for her to travel to NICU and be with her children. Despite being released from the hospital, the babies were not.

Keep reading to hear how a nurse calls before mom’s visit to go ahead and bring the carseats with you.

All of these birth stories have changed the lives of these wonderful mommies. They expected one child and received a whole other world of birth and child-raising challenges. Birth stories never get old and each one is so unique. I’m fascinated with these types of births and I love sharing a bit of my obsession with you!

I love babies!!! Do you have a birth story of multiples to share?

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