The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons

The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons

What I’ve discovered, while expertly failing at choosing a single business niche, is that… This is NOT working for me and perhaps… just perhaps, it’s not working for you either. Especially if you are a multi-talented, introverted woman. I’ve spent over $30K on programs, courses, coaches, mentors, and conferences (kudos to my amazing, patience, & supportive husband), trying to build an extroverted, 6-figure business with my introverted mindset. FAIL!! And here’s why…

The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 1

Multi-talented introverts should NEVER apply the 1-niche business model to be successful, and I have 10 controversial, yet passionate reasons why.

What if only applying the 1-business niche model is not even necessary in order to be successful with a 6-figure business??

After all, this repeated “entrepreneurial LAW” of a focused, 1 business niche only, is something I’ve heard time and time again…from all my coaches, mentors, conference leaders, and course creators:

If you try to do everything you’re passionate about, you’re trying to talk to everyone and you’re speaking to no one. Choose ONE and build up a business around that. This way you’ll get a 6-figure business with ease.

~Said all my 6+ figure gurus

Sure, its sound advice, it’s certainly reasonable, and it DOES work. However, it’s also seriously flawed – because 20 years and $30K later… this introvert (that’s moi) hasn’t been successful at building a 6-figure business like an extroverted 1 business-niche-only guru. So, I’m breaking the “entrepreneur rules” and maybe you should too – if… you are an introverted, multi-talented creative with a unique set of skillz like me.

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10 Business Killin’ Reasons A 1-Business Niche Doesn’t Work (for multi-talented introverts) Who Want to Build a 6-Figure Business.


1. Consistent 3+ Zones Of Genius

Believe it or not, creative introverts have anywhere from 3+ zones of geniuses to grace and service their unique audience. Meaning, there is a minimum of 3 areas or niches that they could be labeled as an “expert” in. Now, don’t go all college to doctorate degree on me, thinking it’s the only way, like a requirement through an institution, to be an official “expert”. Because 9 times out of 10, “expert” status (in my book) means you have enough experience, self-study continual habits, and application in that area to know more about your topic than the average person.

For example, my zones of genius include relationship coaching in the area of non-sexual intimacy for marriages through love languages, and a certification (hence the self-study path) as a Holistic Health Practitioner with a specialization in traditional foods (Weston A. Price) and smart supplementation for SAHMs.

The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 5

As a mother of 10 living, breathing, little souls, who also homeschools them all, my zone of genius also includes parenting and managing a home as a Zen Woman who hasn’t lost her mind after having all these kids. And, I’m freakin’ nutz about fitness – Zumba + Personal Trainer = A fit Mom who knows her stuff.

Notice I said CONSISTENT zones of genius. If you are a fly-by-night creative introvert… the kind that gets a new hobby every other week… na-uh, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking about die-with-me kind of expertise.

20+ years of experience, study, and a myriad of courses, trainings, and conferences have made me an expert in my core zones of genius in several business niches.

Embrace your Zones of Genius instead of stuffing them away in favor of a 6-figure business that in-authenticates the totality of your whole being. Because eventually, you’ll burn out.

~Coach Andi

2. Your Zone of Genius ARE Demographical

Did you see how I DO tailor my zones of genius in my business niche to specific demographics? I am NOT talking to everyone, I’m only talking to my audience, my ideal avatar for that particular zone of genius. If I desire to build a 6-figure business in one particular zone of genius, what is great about this is, if applicable I can target my other business niche to that SAME demographic.

… I always believed that I couldn’t have multiple business niches because I wouldn’t be marketing to my ideal audience.

~Coach Andi

Check this out. Married women entrepreneurs who want to increase their non-sexual intimacy and create a blissful relationship with their husbands, almost always have kids. When I put something out there to my mommas about healthy boundaries with their children to gain respect and obedience from them… my demographics actually overlap. I’m not talking to everyone as my former coaches have suggested – rather, I now have another business niche that solves a problem married women with children have… how to manage disobedient children AND still create a marriage they can’t live without.

The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 7

If your zones of genius overlap, building a 6-figure business in multiple business niches is doable – you just need to market differently.

~Coach Andi

3. A “Ninja Sponge” for Knowledge

Creative Introverts (totally me) tend to go all out when it comes to their specific zones of genius. I know a ?-ton about non-sexual intimacy and the love languages by Gary Chapman; however, just because I practically memorized the book, it doesn’t mean I stop there and never expand into another realm of understanding and communicating love languages. I have audiobooks upon audiobooks of intimacy, communication, healthy boundaries, and the like. I’m constantly soaking up platinum nuggets of information about my topic(s) for my various business niches.

There’s always something new to learn, apply, and regurgitate to others. As a creative, not only am I immersing myself in this topic… I’m creating my own topics (writing books, creating freebies, running challenges, etc.) because like a ninja, people cannot see your movements, but they experience your awesomeness.

You are most likely doing the same because during your alone-time, your creative time behind the scenes, away from people, this is when your brain is most active, engaged, and unhindered. How true does that feel?

You. Are. A. Freakin’. Ninja Creative because of all the attention to detail and information you seek to add to your specific zone of genius toolbox.

~Coach Andi

4. Master of Unknown Awesome

Introvert: someone who prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments; a person predominating concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things (or people). Most people are unaware of your zones of genius.

Masterful you are in your area of expertise; however, people may get an inkling of your business niche zone of genius…. and that’s it… just an inkling.

I have not come across any creative introverts that were boisterous, babbling, prideful buffoons who wouldn’t shut up. …Like ever.

So, you, my dear creative introvert, are harnassing unknown zones of awesome that your audience is unaware of. They may have an inkling, but they are clueless as to what you are truly capable of.


This is why making 6-figures, using the 1 business niche model geared towards most extroverts, don’t work for introverted creatives, like me. I am a master of many, yet, speaketh not about them much.

I’d much rather be still, silent, and listen than speak out of turn or purposefully turn everyone’s attention to me. A downside to sharing my zones of genius, I know.

~Coach Andi

5. Short-Term Creative

Do you ever notice how you are laser-focused on a single project, objective, and task for about 4 – 6 weeks? Then what happens? Something shifts… You may not recognize that shift, but it’s there. Next thing you know… the project is dead in the water. And onto the next project!! ??

Yup, the short-term, laser-focused, creative introvert within you gets the job done but doesn’t quite “launch.” From my personal experience, the “failure to launch” may be due to the inexperience with marketing since it feels “not right” because the 1 business niche model is gnawing at me to stick to one thing, but my creative side says to shift and create something else.

So, maybe like me, you never launch thinking you’ll feel “stuck” to always have to practice what you preach on that single business niche category without having the option to create elsewhere in your zones of genius.

Now, this is both good and yet, very bad. You obviously want to launch and put your genius out there (who says having a 6-figure business is bad??), whether it’s on social media, to your email list, or an online course of some sort. However, if your brain quickly shifts to the next project because you’re on fire for the next project, not only will you never share anything, but nothing comes out of it (except your own ‘practice’ on the matter).

Your zeal, for one thing, fizzles out too quickly leaving yet another zone of genius unknown and ineffective for your ideal audience.

~Coach Andi
The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 9

6. Internal Doubt of Your “True” Purpose

This was HUGE for me. When I was paired up with a one-on-one coach for a speaking gig, I was like, YES! finally, I’ll get the inside know-it-all to building a 6-figure business and really making a difference in people’s lives. Little did I know that at the end of the 6 months, one-on-one coaching, meeting once a week…for 6 months – I did a complete 360. I had ended our last session exactly where we had started…. choosing a “niche”.

She saw in me the dynamics of my zones of genius – marriage and relationships, being a zen mother raising 10 kids, having a fitness background to lead moms and kids to better health, managing time like a godess who created time itself.. she saw ALL of that in me and because of it… we BOTH kept changing my 1 business niche core message, lol!!

Unfortunately, I left our coaching more confused and with zero clients. I had doubts that I was capable of building even a 3-figure business since even a professional business coach, one hand-picked for me, couldn’t even get it to work. The business model focused on one niche, hand-in-hand with a business coach, didn’t work for me, a creative introvert with a multi-niched zone of genius in her repertoire.

A business coach couldn’t even nail down ONE business niche for me… so I figured I truly had no business building a business, let alone a 6-figure business.

~Coach Andi

7. Difficulty Piecing It Together

All these zones of genius trapped in your mind aren’t going to magically piece itself together in a beautiful display of harmony and marketing celebration to your ideal audience. What I have discovered is, even though my zones of genius DO overlap, putting it together in a pretty package isn’t easy. The one business niche model makes it incredibly easy, thus leading you to a 6-figure business when you are speaking directly to your audience’s pain points with the solution they crave.

What we need as introverted creatives is a simple road map that directs your audience to a series of solutions to the problems they are having. Whilst making sense, it’s targeted, and it intertwines beautifully. Unfortunately, the one business niche model doesn’t teach this to multi-niched, introverted creatives.

Perhaps it’s about time someone did. ?

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. 

Jim Rohn

8. Sidelines Business

Think “Hero Support”. It’s a whole lot easier to stay on the sidelines, give support, and come up with the 6-figure business makin’ ideas than to be in the spotlight, going live without hesitation, and commanding IG stories like a Kardashian. Extroverted gurus who want to teach the one niche business model don’t usually take into account the mindset of the creative who is deathly terrified of the limelight. We may not mind casual recognition for our talents, but don’t ask us to be out in front of the crowd.

Mindset fears of rejection for creative introverts who are multi-talented are no joke.

~Coach Andi

9. Watch the Hypocrites

It’s funny how I attended all these masterclasses, courses, and seminars, and I can’t help but notice the index of demographics this particular “one business niche” only guru is advertising to.

The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 11

Yeah, that’s MORE than one niche. See how they seem to effortlessly overlap their niches, but fail (in my experience with business coaches, mind you) to expertly teach this? Granted, branding can speak to anyone, right? Well, if you check out this list of the 22 Best Business Coaching Services… there’s literally only one or two that have specific 1 business niche audiences. One of them actually says …everyone. ?

I feel like my coaches were unconscious hypocrites who taught one method, yet, never practiced their own 1-niche “entrepreneur law”.

~Coach Andi

10. Lack of Similars

As a creative introvert, I value my alone time and swoon in the caresses of silence as my mind drifts undistracted in the calm of my imagination. Though I love what I do in my zones of genius, I feel isolated and alone, going against the grain of 6-figure business success stories where so many extroverted creatives are thriving. In other words, even an introvert needs a tribe of like-minded creatives to validate a voice that doesn’t seem to be allowed to whisper our desires and need to do the same thing – but on our terms.

Since no one else, that I know of personally, (an introvert specifically) is building a multi-niched, 6-figure business that is successful – something must be wrong with me.

Mindset – validation – creativity – similars. If creative introverts are to rise and up and truly build a business around their multi-talented minds, bashing the one business niche model for good, it’d be nice to do it together, yet alone (comfortably) and validated.

The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 13

I love people. I have zones of genius that works for specific, yet multiple audiences. Silent I may be, I’m sure there are others just like me.

~Coach Andi

R.A.M. Reason #11 – The Self-Sabotaging Creative Introvert: Rejection. Attraction. Mindset.

Now, I’m not one to point fingers at one or several business coaches and tear them down for not applying a business-building strategy for multi-niched, introvert creatives like me. No. Not at all. After all, I have my own choices and decisions to make as well. I still have to own my self-sabotaging habits and practices that I’m choosing to do every single day as a multi-niched creative introvert.

You see, I’ve gained a lot of business-building-to-6-figures knowledge and how-to in the entrepreneurship world after attending all these events. Even as an introvert, I can still CHOOSE to put into practice the actionable steps the coaches have taught me with the ONE niche business model –even if it is uncomfortable. Because if one actually does attract a sizable audience… that means you are also attracting (potential) rejection from those trolls who are waiting to devour and destroy. Not cool, bruh.

But I choose not to act/follow through for fear of rejection – an introvert’s primary cause of death in the entrepreneurial world.

That’s on me.

You see, my mindset can get in the way, absolutely – thus, the heart of a beating creative like me needs a mindset shift; after all, I won’t literally DIE. However, It’s nerve-racking to force something that is terribly unnatural and foreign to my unique personality. BUT… it can be shifted and used to my advantage… IF I choose.

Thus… my conclusion – shift your mindset, devise a marketing & package strategy for ONLY multi-niched creative introverts, crush the one niche business model, and potentially build a 6-figure business in the comfort of your aloneness.

~Coach Andi – EFT Practitioner Lv. II

$30K and 20 years later… I had an ‘ah ha’ moment!


After taking several personality tests, I came across this one. THIS one in particular connecting the final dots that reassured me that I was not “broken” or needed fixing. If anything, I have been consistently living my life as the unique individual (totally validated) I was born as. Yes, I still strive to become a better version of myself every day – but I don’t have to fight myself anymore as a creative introvert.


And that’s finally freakin’ awesome to know that out of 3% of the population, I understand myself a whole lot better – I don’t need a one business niche model to succeed nor do I need to make 6-figures to show my family I can be successful.

Cheesy I know, but it’s true. It’s simply true. But… it sure would be fun!

Now… how about monetizing multi-niched introvert creatives like me who want to show the world that we DO exist and we CAN change lives with our zones of genius?? 6-figures not required, but we’ll take it if it comes to fruition!!

If you ARE a multi-talented introvert, then SHARE your skillz below in the comments so we can celebrate you!!

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The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 15
The 1-Business Niche Model Kills Introverts: 10 Controversial yet Genuine Reasons 17

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  1. February 1, 2024 / 8:01 pm

    Nearly 4.5 years after you published this, I find myself on an evening in my office, pacing around a whiteboard feverishly, trying to niche-down my interests as a creative introvert to get my business venture(s) up and running.

    This spoke to me at a time when I needed it.

    My focus is on helping introverts live rich lives. And that will happen in many different, creative, and fun ways.

    Thank you.

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