Get The Skinny On This: 5 Rarely Mentioned Resources To Make Money As A busy Mom

make money as a busy mom

To make money as a busy mom, I could give you resource after resource and endless hacks to get time to yourself to work on a side-hustle or your main business, but I won’t. You see, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there showing you how to make money as a busy mom. They’ll tell you about the free and premium tools to use, what apps to keep you on a consistent schedule, as well as creating content on the regular.

What most influencers won’t tell you, however, is how to make money as a busy mom who may not only be an introvert… but maybe you’re a mom who doesn’t even know where to start.

You gotta start with where you are at… and it starts with making a decision.

get the skinny on everything make money as a busy mom
If you don’t know yourself well enough to know what you are passionate about…it’s going to be that much harder to make money as a busy mom…because you won’t stick with it. If you want to find something SOLID…make sure you are SOLID in what YOU want for YOU.

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Your Passion

I’m all for “testing” the waters if you are going to create a stream of income on the regular to make money as a busy mom. Meaning, test products, go to in-person and virtual parties and discover what YOU love to do. For example, I have bought several “businesses”. Yes…multi-level marketing is a BUSINESS you can buy. It’s no different than buying into a McDonald’s franchise. It’s just a lot cheaper.

I’ve bought Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Shaklee (still have ‘dis one on the dow low), Be Epic, and finally Monat. Just like any business, if you don’t show up to “work”, you won’t get paid. That’s not a scam by the way. So, just like job-hopping, you may go through several jobs or careers in your life looking for the one that absolutely drives your soul to happiness every time you get to work. With your own business, YOU have to create that drive and passion – because it’s not an obligation to show up. Having a J.O.B. is an obligation that “makes” you show up and in return, you receive a paycheck.

No passion to show up for yourself and YOUR business simply equals no paycheck from the company you bought the business from or from your clients who hire you for a service or products. Fair enough?

HOMEWORK: Test the waters. Talk to people. When you know someone who has a business, they can’t shut up about it, huh? There’s a reason for that… they are showing up for work…and receiving a paycheck because they “clocked it” for themselves to make money as a busy mom.

get the skinny on everything make money as a busy mom

A Phone

You literally have a mini-computer in the palm of your hand to make money as a busy mom, anytime, anywhere, and any place they allow phones (and a signal). As an introvert, yes, you CAN be on social media and show up – even within your comfort zone. You don’t necessarily have to be on video or even take pictures of yourself. What you can do is give messages of HOPE to your future or current audience with your business. Give them the benefits… the messages of HOPE to a problem they may believe is impossible to solve or overcome on their own.

  • Can you create a simple meme from free stock images with text overlay?
  • Can you pick a fancy (but easy to read) font and post inspirational messages that solve a problem your business solves?
  • Can you do simple boomerang images of things/your routine at home?
  • When you picture how your next client or customer is going to feel once you’ve taken care of their problem, do you get butterflies in your stomach?

Then all you need is your phone ????????. You can email, text, social media post (no fancy apps necessary – use all the built-in features first, then expand into other apps as you make money as a busy mom and start to build your own branding), make phone calls (I know, that’s so 1999, but believe it or not, people like to hear voices too…just not the ones in their own heads ????).

Don’t get caught up in the latest “5 must-have apps to easily post all your content” trend. You. Don’t. Need. It. Focus on your passion and then sharing the HOPE your business solves with your phone’s social apps, texts, calling features that are already there. See? Even an introvert can make money as a busy mom and do this!

Your Permission

get the skinny on everything make money as a busy mom

You gotta give yourself permission, boo. No automatic deposits are going to be coming into your bank account if you ignore or don’t address your mindset. ALL of us have some sort of mommy or daddy issues. OR… issues from a significant other who is feeding subconscious negativity into your life. ????

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If you don’t give yourself permission to make money as a busy mom now or later, no matter how much passion you put into memes and posting and sharing, nothing will happen. This is what I’m talking about (and have experienced myself and just recently with others).

  • You MUST give yourself permission to LOVE what you do that MAKES people pay YOU for it.
  • You MUST give yourself permission to do something that requires IPA’s (income-producing activities) without your kids hanging on your boobs. AKA – giving yourself time to work on your business AWAY from the kids and feeling GREAT about that.
  • You MUST give yourself permission to SHARE your business (yes, despite what others may think) – these are the HOPE messages (not sales messages).
  • You MUST give yourself permission to make MORE money than your spouse.
  • You MUST give yourself permission to see yourself fail forward – test the waters, some will work, some won’t.
  • You MUST give yourself permission to be a business owner.

This is probably the most overlooked and hardest thing to do to make money as a busy mom. Why? Because you naturally want to give give give and never take. Give your time, give your energy, give your passion away because you want to be nice. Be nice sure, hun… but get PAID for it. You show up to WORK for that paycheck, not slave for free. ???? yeah, I said it. ????

Your Inconsistent, yet consistent Schedule

Life happens, y’all. As a mom of 10, 9 still living at home, inconsistent is what we eat for breakfast. ???? Life happens, buuut, what you do is, recognize the blimp that got you off course, course correct, and keep progressing forward. Give yourself a loose but consistent schedule to DO the IPA’s that are necessary for your business, but don’t overwhelm you into stopping altogether. Remember, fail forward towards that paycheck. If you quit, you just cut off any future royalties coming to you and your family (yes, your family because now they will not benefit from the efforts you decided not to pursue forth).

It’s totally fine if you do not want to press forward with your business, but make sure it’s YOUR decision and not a ‘scared’ decision. << That can lead to regrets and feelings of “I’m not good enough to make money as a busy mom.” Plan a loose but consistent schedule. Map out what you will be doing 5 days out of the week. Let the other two days be a ‘make up’ day or disconnect altogether. That’s a GREAT thing to do. There’s no reason to join the Team-No-Sleep club as you being to make money as a busy mom. The kids already have that job. ????

I have a multi-niched business, meaning I have 3 main areas of focus – Marriage, Motherhood, & Monat. I divide up my time based on weekly themes. Most of the women who are part of my audience are married with kids who want healthy scalps, and fabulous hair every single day.

Coffee – Mommee Coffee

get the skinny on everything making money as a busy mom

Need I say more for those that wanna make money as a busy mom? Now, I have a special blend, a knock off of the infamous Bulletproof Coffee® because I wanted a hint mo’ of sweetener. I genuinely hate the taste of plain ‘ole black coffee…  ???? so I taught and hired my son (14 years old) to make my “Phatt Coffee” during the week. I hire my kids. I want them to realize that nothing is handed to you in life – they have choices to make. They don’t “deserve” anything they haven’t earned…EXCEPT for the love and saving Grace of Jesus’ love and salvation. All things physical, stuff here on earth… yeah, y’all EARN it.

Something is seriously wrong with our youth in the 21st century and it’s incredibly sad. They are hurting, depressed, growing up confused, living in 1-parent homes, living through the system, living apart from unconditional love, and the list goes on.

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This doesn’t have anything to do with coffee, but parents… BE THERE for your kids in the most vulnerable and loving way that TEACHES them failure, success, triumphs, and perseverance. Sit down with a cup of coffee and share with your kids how you want to make money as a busy mom and let them see you fail forward and succeed with satisfaction. Don’t like coffee… try lemon water, herbal teas, matcha… whatever… just make it wet and delicious!

Let your kids experience your life, your passion, and the journey you are on with you, allowing them to make money as a busy mom one day too!

Are you willing to make money as a busy mom or would you rather wait till the kids have moved out?

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get the skinny on this make money as a busy mom

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