Big Announcement

Big Announcement

In case you were wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been resting…

After all, I’m making a baby! This is no small feat, mind you!!

14 Weeks

It all started a Tuesday morning, just after the 5 week mark…the next 8 weeks….BLAH!!! I figured if my hormones need to work that much and do what they need to do to establish this pregnancy, who am I to fight the fatigue and exhaustion??


You know where you’re starving but can’t stand the smell of ANYTHING cooking… you crave $100 sushi meals ‘cuz a fried egg won’t cut it… kids are awesome, drinking milk for most of their meals (or oatmeal…yeah, oatmeal became a staple) because you really just don’t care as long as they are quiet, fed and leave you alone. Yeah…8 weeks.

Are you REALLY acting surprised??? Oh…you’ve never been preggo. Okay, you’re excused then. 🙂

Now that the fatigue is wearing off, along with all-day queasy, a fried egg is actually pretty darn delicious and our budget is no longer to the moon, here I am!!!

I’m definitely eating pretty clean, since this baby is pretty picky. ANY form of high fructose corn syrup is a guaranteed headache/migraine. Yeah, I was munching on some oreos from a restaurant…didn’t turn out well. That’s not exactly a bad thing…more real food I guess!! Whooo hoo!! Oh…and maybe sushi 1x a month…again, not favoring the rice, but the sashimi…Mmmmmmmmm ANY. DAY



Preggo or not, listen to your body and how it responds to certain foods. If it’s worth the discomfort…I hope it’s beyond DELICIOUS! Sometimes, I’ll admit, that I will definitely fight a cold when it comes to my dutch apple/pear pie. THAT is MY melt-in-mouth dessert that is totally worth it. It doesn’t always cause a cold, but I know if my body is a bit down; that’s enough sugar and immune system like, meltdown to be a full blown cold/sniffles/sore throat for a couple days. ….It’s WORTH it…that’s another post though on my favorite dessert ever.



Do what you need to do:

REST when you need to, preggers or not. EAT real food 80% of the time.


And Just B.E.E.S



Enjoy Sex (with your spouse)



~ Kick @ss At Life.  smiley-210248_640


Psst…incase anyone lost count…this is baby #9 Whooo Hooo!

Leave a Comment below…are you preggers, waiting, hoping? Share your story!


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