Get Off Your Back to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Get Off Your Back to Get Rid of Belly Fat


If you really want to lose that belly fat…get off your back already! You’ll see many ads (I mean, I have all over FB) about getting rid of belly fat, the muffin top, and the saggy belly this coming New Year; all because of this “trick” of a sit-up, crunch, plank, side crunches and probably even more! You see these fit and gorgeous women showing off their abs and slender waistlines promising you the same results…if of course, you get on your back! Women…it’s time to be on top. 

On top of your game that is, knowing exactly what to do to get rid of the belly fat without the hype and false promises. Here’s why all those crunches, sit-ups, side crunches and tricks of the midsection isolation movements won’t shrink your midsection…it’ll just expand it…and strengthen it!


Other than wanting to slim down for aesthetic reasons, you’ll definitely want to get rid of the belly fat, the fat around your mid-section as this puts you at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even depression. What do you think? It’s not fun having an extra lug hanging around day in and day out, it can really be not only unattractive to yourself, but it puts you in a place where you may start loathing your body.

Plus, when that fat is stored close to the vital organs in your midsection it’s easier for this fat to get into the bloodstream and circulate through the entire body. Not good! This leads to concerns such as clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and even problems with metabolic functions in the body (like hormone disruption).

Just by losing a few inches around your sexy middle, you’ll not only feel more comfortable in your clothes, but you’ll be expanding your life by reducing your chance for serious health consequences!

So here’s how you do that, Sexy Lady (or Guy), without having to get on your back like the olden days! That’s an old profession anyway… errr I mean myth!

I’ve never been a fan of sit-ups or crunches…I mean why? And yet even throughout pregnancies and post-partum, slimming down my mid-section wasn’t a big deal. So, what did I do and many others who know how to keep it in check?


You may have heard it called interval training or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as well. This is what turns your body into a fat-burning sexy beast! By doing about 90-100% of your maximum effort for 30-60 seconds with a recovery, low-impact period of 30-60 seconds and repeat.

By doing these “burst” cycles you’re going to keep your cortisol levels at bay. You want to do this because it’s the increased levels of cortisol (commonly known as the stress hormone) that stimulate appetite, increase the storage of fat (yuck) and can majorly slow down exercise recovery. These situations work against you…not for you. So you may want to think about those long, drawn-out cardio segments.


And if you are under stress…you don’t need more cortisol coursing through your veins because all you want to do is slim down your waistline.

You can do burst training anytime. You don’t need any special equipment. Whether you choose to alternate between jogging and walking, spinning on a bike, or crazy jump squats, it will work! Here’s a sample of a burst training I did for Fiverr.

These HIIT can be done anywhere from 5 – 20 mins long. No need to go past 20 mins you beast! Remember, your only rest is the 30-60 seconds, so if you are a beginner, don’t push yourself to do more. Less is more in this case. Be safe!

Don’t skip the weights!!!


Um, muscle burns fat, then fat goes away. Weightlifting produces strength, endurance AND more muscle that triggers fat storage burn. The more muscle you have, the better your hormones work especially that little guy in your throat…your muscles work best to burn fat when your thyroid has some muscles to talk to! Again, you don’t need to spend hours working every muscle fiber. Less is more… Focus on the major muscle groups and if possible, use more free weights in order to engage the secondary muscles (this is why you won’t need to do each little muscle group). For example, when you do squats, you can use a barbell or dumbbells at your sides, then perform the exercise. You’ll engage your core more, engage your calf muscles and some in your arms.

Major muscle groups: Legs. Chest & Back.

Recommended schedule: HIIT – 2x per week, Weight Lifting – 1-2x per week. Recovery Time is the time you burn the most and build muscle, so don’t over do it thinking you have to do more.

Real Food = Fat Burning


Yeah, food. it’s a part of life; let’s face it and I love to eat! Real foods, given by the grace of God: vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts, pastured meats, beans, fish – all organic and sustainably raised and harvested. Yum! Eating these real foods is going to super-boost your efforts and results!

You’ll want to replace any canned, packaged/boxed, frozen foods and meals that are just chemical bombs waiting to go off in your body…and it’s not a good kind of boom! Another culprit is sugar. Even eating just fruit is going to be too much if you are serious about flattening it out. Breads, pastas and other grains can hide sugars in them, so your best choice of foods would be: proteins, vegetables, fats, seeds, soaked nuts – if possible, but especially – soak those beans to remove as many anti-nutrients as you can. 

Be sure to add in some yummy spices like cayenne, ginger, and garlic. Very tasty additions while promoting that metabolism and reducing inflammation in your body.

Don’t forget the fat!


Eat fat to lose fat. No joke. 50-70% of my calories (if I counted) are from fat. Protein, fat and some carbohydrates from vegetables. Some grains on occasion as well as fruit on occasion (occasionally for me is about 2x/week on the latter. The former is about 3x/month on average – this is un-soured grain products. Sourdough I eat 2x/week).

Fat will give you energy, slow down sugar absorption, fill you up and protect your health. Really Healthy fats consist of: Butter (my personal fav), coconut oil, olive oil (for salad dressings mostly), lard, tallow (for any frying), & red palm oil (perfect for popcorn!). 

Trust me…avoid those “healthy” oils that are clear, rancid, inflammation inducing and just plain wrong. Ex. canola oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, vegetable oil, margarine, Crisco, and the like.

Need more ideas? I’ve got a great list of 5 foods that help with your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms. Download my TOP 5 Fat-shredding foods AND it includes 2 very delicious coffee recipes. No need to give up coffee in order to shrink that belly!

Stay off the floor unless you’re playing Twister(R)!!

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Do you prefer low-fat or high-fat meals? 


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