Knitting Made Easy

Knitting Made Easy

Attention Knitters!

Whenever I’m bored and unsure what to make next, a blanket is always a fun, simple, mindless project. I love and hate making blankets. I love it because it’s simple and easy to pick the color or colors. I hate it because I get sidetracked easily and can have my unfinished blanket sitting in a corner for a couple of months.

The benefits to making a blanket include: When it’s long enough, it keeps you warm, you made a freakin’ blanket, you get to show off the blanket or give it away or sell it.

Downfalls: You have to make the whole blanket. (Kidding! That’s part of the fun!!)

Here’s a little trick I came up with a couple of years ago when I was bored and wanted to make a blanket. 

Use bigger needles to finish sooner.

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I knit with size 4 acrylic yarn and on the packaging, it recommends size 8 needles. I don’t particularly like using the recommended size because it does take longer to knit my blanket. So, instead, I jumped up 3 needle sizes. I use size 11 needles whenever I make blankets. I love the thickness and the loops aren’t too big so there’s very little danger of the blanket getting ruined during day-to-day use. It’s super warm and holds in heat well.

I’ve started making baby blankets to sell in my shop. I use the garter stitch(mainly because I don’t want to learn any new stitches (: Oh well, still looks nice!)

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One more tip!

  If you are thinking about selling your blankets, remember to keep the yarn away from pets and in a smoke free environment! If your blanket smells smokey or is covered in dog or cat hair you might not get very many sales!

I hope this Knitting Made Easy hack helped!! Happy Knitting!!


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